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  • chef jaime gonzalez hotel emma
  • chef jaime gonzalez hotel emma

Culinary Career, Family Style.

Oct 9, 2020

Jaime Gonzalez has been working side-by-side with Hotel Emma’s Culinary Director, Chef John Brand since 2007. Now Supper’s Executive Chef, Jaime took some time to satisfy our curiosity about his background and his vision for Supper.

Did your childhood/upbringing influence your decision to become a chef?

My Cantonese great-grandfather was a chef and had multiple Chinese restaurants throughout his life. My grandfather would take care of my two sisters and me during the summers while our parents worked, and we would help make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family. This is where it all began. I started to love cooking at the age of nine. Later, after a few years working in a wide variety of kitchens, I decided to get serious about my education and pursue a career as a professional chef.

What is your vision for Supper?

Supper is a place for people to come together to share a comforting, simple meal. When I think of Supper, I see a table covered with an assortment of dishes with lots of unique flavors. I want diners to share dishes, like family at home. That’s how they experience the restaurant as a whole. I love to see Supper guests passing plates back and forth at the table. Best way to dine — Family Style.

That family philosophy is behind our response to COVID-19. Supper’s dining room is open with appropriate social distancing, but we’re also cooking multi-course, to-go feasts for four on Fridays and Saturdays for curbside pickup or via DoorDash. People have responded really well to these lush family meals, which showcase the talent, skills and versatility of our culinary team.

As for the future, we are always looking for ways to continue being transformational for Hotel Emma and San Antonio… to be the best restaurant for our community and for visitors.

Anything else you’d like to say about Supper? John Brand? Your team in the kitchen?

Chef Brand has given me the best leadership support, mentorship I could ask for as a young chef. Our culinary team is at the top of their game, with years of experience working together. We just keep striving to be the best in the profession. 1Team1Goal

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