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Deep Dive into Wine with High Street Wine


December 17, 2018
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


High Street Wine Co. 302 Pearl Parkway #104 San Antonio, TX 78215


Calling all wine geeks! These series of classes assume you are a more experienced taster who is ready to explore how wines are created, as well as geography, grape growing, and winemaking in addition to taste. These classes will include a selection of six quality wines with a paired cheese board, and all classes are taught by trained wine professionals.*

Dessert wines are some of the most historical wines of the world, and they were long reserved for royalty. However, as the world turns its tastes to dry, often times, the liquid gold is forgotten. We are here to revisit history and to guide you through iconic examples of the sweet wines of the world.

On December 17th, we will teach the history of sweet wines, the major production methods and regions, and taste classic examples of liquid sugar. The class will be taught by our beverage director, Scott Ota, and he is excited to showcase a piece of history with you. Cheers!
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